When you have a dinner at friends house, what do you carry? Dessert or wine? Candies? In Sweden is more common to carry a bag of candy than a bottle of wine.  Eating candies is part of the culinary culture: children, adults and the elderly succumb to sweet delight anytime. Such is its propensity that they have devoted done day of the week, on Saturdays, to candy: the Lórdagos Godis.
Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland… are the countries where more candies are consumed. Danish annually consumes about 10 kg of candies year.
What kind of candies do you carry when you go to dinner at friends house? Let us know.
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    Robert Hedrén

    In Swedish candy is pronounced «Godis».
    «Godis» is technically a word for something that has a good and positive taste or attribute.

    As you thrive in your project for giving candy a place in the modern gastronomy or food society, should not the definition of «Candy» be given a new and modern attention?

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    This project sounded fascinating. I was excited to hear about it and wanted to be part of the conversation. However when I went to take the survey the United States wasn’t listed in the country of origin box. I assume than that my opinions, ideas, and traditions don’t matter.

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